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Hardware Workshop

With complete range of machines such as Metal Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Bending Machine, Tooling Machine, Stamping Machine, Argon Welding Machine, Grinding Wheel Machine and etc. We’re capable to produce Hardware and Steel Panel for our own refrigerators production, providing for other factories and dealers.

Hardware & Steel Panel include:

Strengthening Iron, Front Grill Gover, Back Cover, Evaporator Cover, Pre-painted Outer Cabinet, Galvanized Steel Panel, Aluminium Inner Cabinet, and etc.

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PVC Profile Workshop

All those parts related to PVC, are produced in our PVC Profile Workshop such as Lighting Box Side Panels, Glass Door Frame, Front Grill (Front Cover), Cabinet Profile and etc.

With over 200 sets of PVC machines and more than 800 pcs all kinds of mature moldings, we’re capable to fulfill our refrigerators’ production needs, at the same time for domestic sales like Glass Door Assembly Factory, and attempt for international sales.

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Glass Door Workshop

With advantage of our own PVC profile, we assemble the Glass Doors according to our specfication requirements. With molecular sieve, Triple Layer Heated Glass for freezing products and etc., up to 600+ Glass Doors production daily for our own refrigerators.

Meanwhile, we produce customized Stainless Steel Doors, customized glass doors with engraved logo in between, customized LED glass doors and etc.

Foaming Mold Workshop

Cooler Cabinets, Cold-Room Panels, Freezer Panels are all produced in our Foaming Mold Workshop, it’s equipped with Hot Water System, hence foaming density will be ensured to be consistent no matter in Summer or Winter season.

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Condenser & Evaporator Workshop

50% Copper Pipe , 30% Copper Coated Iron Pipe , 20% Aluminium Pipe constitutes our Condenser & Evaporator Workshop. Different materials, shapes and designs could be used in varies of conditions such as super tropical and high humidity.

Also they could be used in coolers, freezers and water dispensers. With daily capacity of 10,000 pcs, so far we’re producing for our own use and exporting to overseas factories.

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Basket & Shelf Workshop

Equipping with 600℃ Auto Powder Painting Machine is one of our core techniques for producing baskets and shelves. This production line is qualified for ISO14001 Eco-Friendly Standard, RoHS Euro Standard, at the same time, our products have reached Food Safety Standard.

Baskets and Shelves are used for Can Display Refrigerators, Upright Display Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Island Freezers, Stainless Steel Series Refrigerators, Warmers and etc.

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LED Workshop

All of our LED lights are tested under IEC 6203 1:2008 standard, with the condition of high voltage, high humidity, high temperature and etc., ensuring they’re suitable to be used in cooler, freezer, fresh meat chiller, cake cooler, open showcase and etc.

Different colors of LED lights or RGB LED light with remote control for option as well.

Fan Motor Workshop

Fan Motors are strictly tested under our critical standard.

HAIER/HIRON Standard motors are our main choice for usual production, for the reason they’re Strong Running and Low Noise.

Specific requirements such as ERP or EMS, we’ll be using ECM Fan Motor or EBM Fan Motor for option.

Compressor Workshop

No matter which brand we use, it must be strictly tested in our certified labs, such as KK (KULTHORN KIRBY), Secop (Danfoss), Huayi (Cubigel), Embraco, Copeland, Donper, Wanbao and etc. , for both Constant Frequency compressors and Inverter Compressors.

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Castor Wheel Workshop

Different sizes and different load-bearing castor wheels are all complete in our castor wheel workshop, strong support and durability are our priority concerns, hence testing of every type is a necessary task for QA/QC dept.

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Other Parts

As of CKD, plenty of other parts would be included such as Door Hinge, K Clip for shelf, Power Cord & Plug, Water Drainage, Drier Filter, Wire Connector, Digital Controller, Defrost Timer, and etc. We’re capable to arrange all-together into your CKD project. Welcome for your comments.

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SKD is the abbreviation for semi knocked-down, similar with CKD, most of the countries have the Custom Duty Discount policy which encourages importing in SKD format. Aside from this, SKD has advantage that it’s much easier and faster to assemble in your country.

Basic SKD:

Import incomplete refrigerators, without compressor/glass door/shelves…only

Advanced SKD:

Import incomplete refrigerators, with compressor set, canopy set, lighting box set, glass door set and evaporator set separately

Oversea Cases

Numbers of oversea cases have been successfully practised all over the world. It differs to varies of different demands, from taking out just a compressor until 100% separately CKD parts. It's our pleasure to share with you particular cases hereby enabling you guys viewing our methods of SKD/CKD. Welcome to your precious ideas.

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