TCCOOL Refrigeration Co., Limited
Our factory owns ISO certified production lines in the area of 80,000 Square Feet located in the home of Home Appliances ---- Shunde, Foshan

Sheet Metal Workshop

Steel Parts Raw Material

Glass Door Line

Fan Assembly

Cabinet Assembly

Foaming Line

Assembly Line

Testing Line



Safety Testing

Graphics Logo Application

Cleaning & QC

Carton Packing

Loading from Warehouse 1

Loading from Warehouse 2

Controlling from the source & reducing end user's headache are our principle,hence we're extremely serious on QC&QA section.

Shelf Size

Shelf Diameter

Shelf Strength Test

LED Checking

Power Checking

Safety Checking

Fan Running

Fan Checking

LED Voltage

Evaporator Leakage Test


Probe Test

Door Spring

Door Handle

Ambient 43℃ Full Loading

Power Cord Pulling Test

Drop Falling Test

Transportation Shaking Test

V-0 Plastic Bag Burning Test

Salty Spray Test

R&D team is our core value, not only keeps upgrading our product's technical standard but also much powerful to make our client's thoughts into reality.

Compressor Structure

Cassette System

CKD Cabinet

SKD Lipton

Simple Cassette

Sample Unit

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